Zodiac Signs and Health

Depending on the season in which you are born, your body may be predisposed to develop certain diseases more easily or have physical weaknesses. Since ancient times, in fact, each sign of the zodiac was associated with a specific part of the body. Which is yours? Below is a health guide, declined on each sign. Check out special app to check your horoscope: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=astrology.daily.horoscope


Your lively and fiery nature makes your temperament often impetuous and out of control. You are nervous and struggle to control your emotions, which you manifest immediately, often without thinking about the consequences. These behaviors are also reflected in your body, often the victim of your emotional tensions. You often somatize at a cardiovascular level, developing cardiovascular diseases or suffering from high blood pressure. Try to do relaxing activities, man! You, on the other hand, often suffer from cervical or headaches: all because of nervous tension! A remedy? Let off steam with sport.

Taurus, Watch Out for Strains

Dear friend, you don’t usually have big health problems. You are strong in character and strong in constitution, just like the animal that represents you. You rely on your strength and know how to face difficulties with dexterity. But your weak point is your throat: you love food, but unfortunately you have a hard time holding back when you’re at the table. Men of the sign tend to suffer from high cholesterol or tooth problems. It’s better to have a check-up at the dentist once in a while. Women, in order to show off their curvaceous curves, tend to exceed their necklines: that’s why they suffer from throat disorders and colds.

Gemini, Mood Swings

The zodiac sign of Gemini has a double soul: a jovial, cheerful and super open one; another one, instead, more dark and reflective. Its weak point is precisely in mood swings. He suffers, in fact, from periods of depression, from which it is difficult for him to come out alone: he always needs to surround himself with close friends and people who love him. These moments of ups and downs can cause this sign of air, some psychosomatic ailments, which usually somatize at the respiratory level. The man of the sign is weak in the lungs, the woman suffers from colds. In order to overcome the discomfort, she should relax or have a massage.

Cancer, a Bit Fragile

Cancer often suffers from health disorders. Its physique is rather delicate: it feels fragile and falls ill easily, especially in the cold season, which does not meet its favours. He must be careful what he eats because he has digestion problems. The man of the sign suffers from gastric reflux, the woman of gastritis. The stomach is his weak point: it condenses all the emotions that he does not express. Anxiety also grips him: he could try to overcome it with the practice of yoga or another relaxing discipline, such as shatsu massage.

Leo, Desire to Compete

This sign of Fire, warm and intense, tends to want to dominate the scene to be the protagonist. To do so, he pulls out nails and claws and roars: he hates impositions and wants to feel free. He often accumulates anger and tension: he overreacts and struggles to hold back his anger. Sometimes somatics: the man suffers from high blood pressure or heart problems; the woman is so nervous that she is hysterical. The strong energies of this sign must be directed to other spheres of interest, for example, extreme sports, which gratify the desire to compete.

Virgo, Think too Much

This zodiac sign, ruled by Mercury, is very cerebral and intelligent. Its brain never stops: it always thinks, scrutinizes every detail and is always analyzing everything. She is often insecure: she fears the judgment of others and does not feel adequate. Her stress is not expressed: she suffers from intestinal disorders or anxiety. The man is a little bit different: he also has intestinal problems, but he holds his energies back by stressing his mind and suffering from severe headaches. The remedy would be to devote himself to intellectual hobbies, so as to think less about the problems.

Libra, in Search of Balance

The zodiac sign of Libra is always looking for balance. It has the defect of keeping emotions under control and not expressing them, which is why this native often suffers from chronic anxiety. The man of the sign expresses his physical discomfort at renal level: he may suffer from disorders related to the prostate or urinary tract. The woman sometimes complains of anxiety attacks due to her fears and phobias. It is important for him to devote himself to relaxing hobbies such as gardening or riding: contact with nature helps him.

Scorpio, Under Pressure

Stubborn is determined, you don’t give up easily. Your health reflects, as often happens with many signs, your strength of spirit. You hardly get tired: Pluto, your guiding planet, gives you resistance to effort and grit in the face of difficulties. The men of the sign, however, may suffer from high blood pressure or circulation problems. Women, on the other hand, have disorders of the genitals or the excretory system. Advice to improve health: take care of your diet and do sport, without overdoing it with effort.

Sagittarius, Watch Your Legs

This zodiac sign is very active and always full of energy. He loves to move, he loves to move, he hates to sit on his hands. At the same time he loves to eat, or rather, to mess up: he cannot resist the temptations of the table and tends to have a binge. The man of the sign usually takes vent in sport: this is why he sometimes brings back trauma to his legs and hips. Women enjoy good health if they control themselves at the table, otherwise they have to moderate themselves in order not to have liver problems. Walking and relaxing helps these natives to prevent stress.

Capricorn, Joint Pain

The sign of Capricorn is very tenacious and stubborn. He usually enjoys good health. Resistant to effort he loves extreme sports, especially when in contact with nature. He does not give up easily in pursuit of goals. Man suffers from back or joint disorders: the skeletal system is his weak point. The woman of the sign, on the other hand, somatizes stress at the cervical level and tends to get sick in winter. Warm drinks, herbal teas and meditation help this sign to feel good.

Aquarius, Circulation and Joints

The zodiacal sign of Aquarius is very active and brought into contact with the outside world. For these natives, in fact, it is essential to have many friends, different people, individuals with whom to exchange opinions and thoughts. The nature of Aquarius is altruistic. In terms of health, he is generally well. He may suffer from circulatory problems, which is why it is advisable for him to do sports often. She, on the other hand, suffers from problems with the joints, particularly the ankles, a weak point of the sign. Stress sometimes weakens your immune system: to react, you should do yoga or other holistic disciplines, to which you are very good at.

Pisces, Foot Pain

The zodiac sign of Pisces, sensitive and generous, does a lot for others. He manages to put aside his individuality, to give himself totally to those around him, entrusting him with his heart and good feelings. Sometimes this leads him to be a victim of depression. His mood, in fact, goes from very positive moments to more difficult and ugly ones to overcome. The man, a bit weak and whining, suffers from foot problems. The woman, instead, has anxiety problems that sometimes make her very tense and agitated. Both of them would do well to calm down.

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