Choosing the right sports bra is essential for a woman who wants to practice sport. Supporting your breasts correctly during physical exertion contributes to your health by preventing your skin from sagging into stretch marks and sagging breasts. These technical supports reduce the rebound effect because they are designed to exert adequate compression according to the different sports practiced.

Among the many models on the market it is essential to identify, therefore, the ideal model for the type of effort or exercise practiced. Let’s try to distinguish between the different types.


The sports bra, also commonly called BRA, is generally composed of:

  1. main body: made of technical material to promote greater perspiration and keep skin cool and dry
  2. straps: with American cut or thin and adjustable straps to guarantee freedom of movement
  3. elastic border on the chest
  4. internal padding, if any
  5. internal support available in three types:
  • light
  • median
  • raised

Let’s now see some simple tips to find the model of sports bra that suits you starting from the type of activity practiced, because a perfect workout goes through the right support.


Sports bras are distinguished by their inner support and are divided into three main categories. Each category corresponds to a certain type of training: light, medium and intensive. We see for each model: quality, detail and sport indicated.

1.Light Support

Ideal for low-impact training

Examples: in room classes, yoga, dance, weight training sessions, walks.

Recommended for: women with cups from A to C.

Details: also available with adjustable shoulder strap.

2.Medium support

Characterised by a restraining fit and multidirectional support, during medium intensity training.

Examples: ideal for gym and cardio fitness sessions but also for sports such as cycling, dancing, running, tennis, golf and yoga.

Recommended for: women with cups from A to C.

Details: also available with adjustable shoulder strap.

3.High Support

Ideal for high-impact sports. Thanks to the shaped cups, they offer high support and a restraining fit.

Examples: running, cross training, basketball and football.

Recommended for: women with cups from B to E.

Details: ideal with a fixed shoulder strap to ensure greater support.

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