Increasingly popular among runners who love natural running (barefoot), Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes are the lightest footwear ever. Wearing this shoe you have the feeling of running barefoot: the sole is not cushioned and only a slight difference between the height of the heel and forefoot (drop) ensures a natural support of the foot on the ground, while offering the right protection.

Designed with the traditional runner shoe comfort in mind, the Vibram FiveFingers are the ideal solution for those who want to experiment:

  • a thin, flexible and deconstructed sole that can give the foot freedom of movement while respecting the naturalness of the step,
  • fingers separated like a glove to have the feeling of walking barefoot
  • a greater sensitivity of the foot to make contact with the surrounding natural terrain in order to increase the barefoot feeling and therefore
  • an optimal biomechanical position of the foot that helps to correct certain posture problems.


The best way to choose your minimalist shoe is to evaluate its use. The market offers many solutions depending on whether you want to use them in outdoor or light sports such as Pilates.

When you approach Vibram FiveFingers you need to be clear about how they will be used. Specifically:

  • Running: they allow you to run as if you were barefoot but avoid excessive stress. They are ideal for training and should be alternated with your traditional running shoes,
  • Fitness: they guarantee freedom of movement and are ideal for training where balance is required,
  • Outdoor: ideal on uneven surfaces thanks to the soft polyurethane insole,
  • Water Sports: perfect for all water activities such as surfing, canoeing or for SUP enthusiasts. They are equipped with non-marking soles and water drainage holes.


Traditional footwear has accustomed us to hide our feet and not consider them as much as they deserve. The feet, in fact, are made up of 33 joints, dozens of muscles, tendons and ligaments that traditional shoes tend to ‘ingessare’. We propose an experiment to understand how used we are, unfortunately, not to train our feet enough. Are you ready? Well, then slip off your shoes and socks and start massaging your feet, try to regain confidence with them and try to walk barefoot on different surfaces. Here, now you are ready to choose your Vibram FiveFingers.

The experiment continues with the comparison of the feeling of naturalness wearing a minimal model. Unbuckle and loosen the upper to slip on your foot, keeping the Vibram FiveFingers still on the ground. Slide your toes slowly inside to the different slots. Start with your big toe and slide your fingers one by one into their respective spaces, helping you with your hands if necessary. Now, pull the tab, insert the heel and adjust the lacing.

Here, now you are ready to walk with your Vibram FiveFingers as if you were barefoot. The fit of Vibram ‘s five-toe shoes is as precise as a second skin. The most suitable size is determined when your longest finger just touches the tip of the shoe or stops just before you get there. In this sense, it is perfectly normal for there to be an empty space in the slots for the other fingers. Only the big toe determines the correct size of the shoe. If, on the other hand, your longest finger is far from the end of the shoe compartment, the shoe will be too big. On the other hand, they will be too small when the fingers are not fully extended and remain curved inside the shoe.

With the Vibram FiveFingers you will be free to wear the sock or the bare shoe. If you want suitable socks, Vibram socks with 5 separate fingers are available. In this case, we point out that the number of the shoe will not change depending on the presence or not of the sock.


To enjoy your workouts to the fullest, we recommend that you do not overdo it with the stride, avoiding to have your foot too far ahead of your hip. This could lead to an excessive pointing of the toes, more than necessary. Land lightly. To be sure, try running barefoot on a smooth and debris-free floor: listening to your step you will realize if you are doing it correctly. Avoid leaning your heel: while training, try to walk backwards by being slightly inclined forward or try to run uphill. These tricks will help you not to land on your heels. Last but not least, it makes the transition gradual: listen to your body and let it rest when it is most fatigued. When you train, take your Vibram FiveFingers with you and use them for a part of the training, so you can alternate them with your classic shoes. The transition phase is fundamental and different for each of us.


To make your Vibram five-finger shoes last longer, we recommend that you take care of them by washing them in the washing machine, with cold water at max 30°. Just let them dry in the open air. If this is not enough, you can immerse them in water with a tablet for cleaning dental prostheses and then wash them in the washing machine, following the same precautions. Only the Signa model is recommended to be hand washed in cold water.


To make it easy for you to choose the five-finger shoe model that best suits your needs, we recommend that you take part in our Vibram FiveFingers Test Day event. On this occasion, you can talk directly with a specialized technician to learn about the incredible variety of shoes offered by the entire collection. Come and try on the most suitable model for you on different sensory surfaces. We would like to underline that this Maxi Sport initiative is free and open to everyone, available in many points of sale and on many dates. If you are not able to participate, do not give up the expert advice of our technicians on the choice of your Vibram FiveFingers. Our team will guarantee you the best shopping experience.