How to choose basketball shoes?

First, such shoes should be safe for the feet and as comfortable as possible. Nike is the most popular basketball shoe manufacturer today. But you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the foot. Choose the best basketball shoes for jumping.

Basketball is a very dynamic game, with each player experiencing different stresses. This is why basketball shoes should be chosen very carefully. First, such shoes should be safe for the feet and as comfortable as possible. Nike is the most popular basketball shoe manufacturer today. But you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the foot, the type of surface, and position in the game.

General recommendations

The Nike Jordan basketball shoes and others are designed to enhance the player’s agility and speed. Basketball players change direction dramatically, so leg fixation is very important here. Quality footwear provides:

  • safety;
  • freedom of movement;
  • good contact with the surface.

In general, there are three types of basketball shoes:

  1. High. They protect the ankle and ankles very well, but by increasing the weight they reduce the player’s speed.
  2. Average. This model is chosen by players who feel uncomfortable in high shoes but care about protecting the foot.
  3. Low. They have minimal protection but allow the basketball player to move as quickly as possible.

In general, even branded Jordans will not protect from injury in case of a strong blow. Only regular exercises to strengthen the joints act as prevention of damage. It is also important for an effective play that the player’s ankle is perfectly fixed. The foot should remain in place, but the shoes should not obstruct blood circulation. It is desirable to have a hardback and additionally rubberized toe. The most reliable way of fixing is lacing.


It has always been considered that the best material for shoes is genuine leather or suede. The leather is, of course, very strong and allows the foot to breathe, but it is quite heavy. Whereas modern technologies make it possible to produce high-quality synthetics, lightweight, with good air circulation and high strength. A combination of different materials is often used. The material itself should not be too thick or too thin. A very important part of basketball shoes is the midsole. This is the layer between the sole and the insole that is responsible for cushioning. Thanks to this layer, shock loads are softened during jumps and falls. The midsole should not be too thick – then stability is lost. This layer is made from several components, such as the Nike AirZoom technology used in Jordan sneakers.


The sole of the sneaker is made of wear-resistant rubber or polyurethane. The main purpose of the outsole is impact protection and good grip. It is the deep embossed pattern on the outsole that will ensure good contact with the surface. The type of surface is also important. For example, for playing on asphalt, it is advisable to buy Nike Jordan sneakers with a hard sole, for playing in the hall, softer shoes are suitable. And a few more recommendations:

  • It is desirable that the sole is wide for better stability.
  • It is better to give preference to models with the increased wear resistance of the sole. Should bend well in the part closer to the toe.
  • It is important that there is a removable orthopedic insole.

Trying on shoes, do not hesitate to make several elements from the game. It is also recommended to try on sneakers after lunch when the leg is swollen. Jordana’s sneakers should fit in size, no stock, but not too small. The fastener, lacing or Velcro, should ideally fix the instep of the foot, not put pressure on the leg and not leave free space.

It is better to buy Air Jordan in branded stores or on the manufacturer’s website. There is minimal risk of buying a fake. Not only health depends on properly selected sneakers, but also successful results in sports.